IoT Welcome App

Utility app for discovering what is possible with the Umajin IoT toolkit.

The IoT Welcome app was released as part of the Intel IoT Kit, and along side the Umajin App Creator’s IoT update. The IoT kit included an Edison Micro-controller board, and a collection of hardware components and sensors, that would let anyone get started with IoT. The IoT Welcome App was packed full of information and demos on how you might use each component with Umajin App Creator.

My role was to develop the app and create the demos for each component. The source of the app would also be released with the kit so people could pull it apart and see how things worked. So it was important that the code be clean and easy to follow.

Developing this app was the first real world testcase for the IoT capibilities of Umajin, so I ended up applying a lot of what I learned back into the product to improve the platform before the update was released, and the kits were sent out.